About us

HuntStand.com is a satellite image based G.P.S. mapping, data-management, land-management, and collaboration enhancing website and mobile application that will greatly improve the experience of sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

Our products are designed to work as well in areas actively served by data as they will in off-line environments. HuntStand will forever alter the way you view and measure success, interact with the environment and with other sportsmen, and manage property. Our team is hard at work creating this next generation software.


Join the team!

While we already have an awesome team, things can always get better, right? HuntStand.com is looking for software developers with a passion for quality and the desire to join an agile business. Successful applicants will help build a completely new type of application. Ideal candidates should be familiar with many of the following skills/technologies:
  • Understanding of OO software design, DRY principles, and a passion for clean, readable code.
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery
  • backbone.js, spine.js, or ember.js experience a plus
  • PHP, Ruby, Python, or similar dynamic language
  • RESTful API architecture, and popular web APIs
  • CodeIgniter, Rails, Django, or other web frameworks
  • Use of ORM, and SQL
  • Web server administration, including Apache, nginx, IIS, or similar
If interested, please contact HuntStand Inc. at employment@huntstand.com with your coverletter, resume, and code samples or a portfolio of your work (if available).

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